what is digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most popular topics these days. If you want to start digital marketing, you must have a clear idea about it.

Digital marketing mainly refers to online marketing. In digital marketing, social media platforms play a significant role in reaching out a product or service to the people. Digital marketing might also use text messages or emails as a marketing route.

When digital means of communication helps to promote a product in the marketplace, it is called digital marketing. 

In digital marketing, products are advertised online in the form of web content. 

There are different forms of digital marketing since there are various means of communication online.

Different forms of Digital Marketing-


It is one of the most popular means of digital marketing these days. Statistics say that 84% of purchasers expect informative and entertaining content from different companies. 94% of digital marketers consider content marketing an effective means of digital marketing.

But the content has to be SEO friendly. If the content is engaging, more people will visit the web page. Thus, the product will reach people worldwide using the content. It is known as content marketing. But it is not easy to rank any content quickly.

SEO- Search Engine Optimization 

It is the prime condition to rank high in Google. For successful marketing or advertising, the web page has to be attractive to the search engine. 

            The factors that make a content SEO are-

  1. Topic selection
  2. Length
  3. Numbers of inbound and outbound links.
  4. Focus keyword
  5. Quality

There is no quantity specified for using these factors. The marketing consultants must consider these for ranking quickly in google.


It is another form of digital marketing. The means of social media marketing are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Social media marketing is a powerful means of digital marketing nowadays. These platforms are relevant to promote both large and small businesses. Consumers have the chance to participate in promoting the products. They can comment and share if they are satisfied with the purchase. It helps that specific brand to grow. Besides, it is the easiest way to reach the audience.


It is another source of digital marketing using the software. Digital marketers use marketing automation to provide personalized experiences to consumers. Marketing Automation promotes marketing activities and campaigns automatically.

Marketers use marketing automation to send automated texts and emails. First, marketers have to collect consumer data from different sources. Then the rest of the work is run effectively through marketing automation. Marketing Automation targets the right consumers to send emails.

Marketing Automation makes repetitive tasks more efficient and relevant. It can also modernize your digital marketing. 


It is also an effective way of digital marketing. It’s like sending emails to targeted customers and waiting for them to click on them. There are several things to follow in email marketing-

  • Sending wanted emails
  • Individualizing the content in body and subject line
  • To specify the type of emails that consumers will receive
  • Offering precise unsubscribe option
  • Incorporating both promotional and transactional emails

 Email marketing is not only used as a route for product promotion but also an appreciated service. It could work more efficiently if merged with Marketing Automation.

PPC Marketing-

PPC marketing or Pay Per Click marketing is another significant form of online marketing. Its definition can be guessed from its name. In pay-per-click marketing, the advertiser has to pay for each click on his ad. The amount of fee is much less than the amount of profit he earns when someone clicks on his ad. Search engine advertisement, Google ads, etc are different forms of PPC marketing.


Mobile marketing is the way of reaching people on their cell phones or tablets with the help of SMS, email, social media, websites, and mobile apps. Nowadays people spend most of their time on their cell phones. People use mobile apps more than anything else on their cell phones. It is an easy means to reach people. Mobile marketing is more Accessible and Immediate.


 How efficiently online marketing helps promote a service throughout the globe! Online marketing is way too flexible than traditional marketing.

Again, online marketing reduces costs. It reduces the distance between marketers and customers. It allows them to stay in contact.

Consumers can comment and share your posts if they like the service. Others can see the comments as well. So ultimately, the product earns public attention.

Online marketing helps to collect customers data more precisely. It helps reach the customers with offers. Digital marketing has made result monitoring easier. The software designed for digital marketing can track the rate of people visiting your website, the number of purchases, email open rates.

All in all, digital marketing is such a platform that has brought the whole world into your grasp. Do let us know if the article was helpful! Is there anything else we could include? Share what you think!